Introducing our new PUBG roster
Since the beginning of our operations just a few months ago, we have already seen a lot of success. Being a new squad, we saw a lot of good results against the top teams both online and offline. Moving into 2018, our vision is to have a roster that can compete at the absolute highest level, to the standards that are expected by our management and brand. In order to achieve the goals set by us as an organization, we agreed that change was necessary to get where we need to be. Today, we are proud to introduce the squad that will be representing Crimson Esports moving forward:

Team Captain and IGL:
Laurynas “Nbslol” Kisielius has been competing across different esport titles for the past 10 years. Due to his hard work and dedication to the sport, he has reached a professional level in Starcraft 2, League of Legends and World of Warcraft. Since starting to compete in PUBG, he has taken down tournaments such as PUBG online, GLL qualifiers and Xpulz duos. With previous experience as a coach for a LoL team, as well as a coordinator for tournaments within multiple titles, Laurynas has the perfect experience necessary to be a great asset in the IGL and Team Captain role.

Kevin “Ryanlockwood” Vellinga has been competing across a multitude of titles during the last few years, achieving competitive results in Dota 2, World of Warcraft and Diablo. Since he started to compete in PUBG, he has grabbed the trophy in multiple PUBG Online events, amongst many other achievements. With a proven ability to reach a high skill level in any game he gets his hands on, and a great track record since starting to play PUBG, Kevin will be a phenomenal addition to our squad.

Justinas “Pybas” Kuras will be the second rifler of our squad. Survival and shooter games have always been a part of Justina’s gaming life, but he has never found as good of a fit as PUBG has been. Ever since starting to compete in PUBG, he has seen good results, proving that his experience from previous, similar games has given him a great edge in PUBG. He has taken down multiple online tournaments, both in squads and in duos, and has proven to be a versatile team player. As we move forward, he will play a key part in the continued expansion of our operations.

Dedicated marksman:
Daniel “Jambawe” Barriga has been a consistent force on the PUBG ladder, taking home a top 100 result next to every season since he began competing. He placed fourth in FPP squads during season 4 on EU and has since taken multiple high placements on the kill rating ladder in both Europe and North America. With a proven talent and a track record of keeping up with the very best, Daniel will be a key part of our roster as we begin our hunt for the trophies in 2018.

Callum “Calz” McLean has tremendous experience from managing work squads, giving him great insights into how to optimize the performance of a group of people in order to achieve the required results. He has been playing PUBG at a high level ever since the creation of the game but has chosen to put his skills to use in the coaching role, something that we are very thankful for. A talented team is nothing without a solid mind behind them to keep a lookout for potential problems, provide new ideas and solve conflicts. We are sure that Callum will be an essential part of our operations moving forward.

The squad formerly known as Team Blank have proven to be not only a talented but a smart and insightful group of people. They show good game knowledge, but also good knowledge of the industry and what it takes to be successful in a stacked tournament scene. With a solid track record and the backing of our management, we believe that they can achieve great things during the upcoming tournament circuits. We look forward to seeing them compete, and will continue to provide you with coverage on the people behind the nicknames. You can look forward to more detailed interviews with our new additions shortly!


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